We are an Africa-focused workplace consultancy that specialises in the Change Management, Project Management, Design and Delivery of corporate offices and light industrial spaces for multinational clients in South Africa as well as the rest of Africa.

Our diverse and internationally experienced, in-house team, can guide you from concept to completion with a full range of workplace consultancy services, comprising:


  • Change Management
  • Strategic Property Advice and Planning
  • Overall Project Management
  • Property Search, Building Surveying, Advice and Selection
  • Capex Planning
  • Space Auditing and Planning
  • Cost Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Interior Design with localisation advice for the particular African Geography
  • Construction Design
  • Health and Safety Consultancy and Support
  • Transparent Design and Build Services
  • Furniture Procurement and Importation
  • Construction Management
  • Withholding Tax Advice and Guidance
  • Ongoing Building Surveying Support and Advice
  • Ongoing Facilities Support

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