Choose a Location Near Your Team
Location is likely your most important consideration when renting your first office space. You first need to ensure that the office will be close enough for your team members to commute.

Think About What Amenities You Want Nearby
Another factor when renting your first office space that could impact your location decision is the nearby amenities. Your team will likely appreciate an office that’s at least somewhat close to restaurants and coffee shops. And if there are certain places you need to visit regularly for business purposes, like meeting spaces or banks, you’ll want those to be nearby as well.

Account for Extra Expenses
There are a lot of expenses that go into renting an office space. The actual rent is just part of it, when it comes to most properties. And those extra expenses can really add up if you don’t account for them in your original budget.

Get Help From an Expert
The process of looking for office space can be overwhelming, feel free to call Lee-Anne Murray or Craig Weatherhead on +27 11 011 2200, we will refer you to the most suited consultant for your specific requirements. Click here to view a list of our recommended property consultants  

Choose a Space That Fits Your Team
Of course, you will need a large enough space for the members of your team to each have a desk or place to sit. But you don’t want something so large that you’re paying for entire rooms that you never use.

But Leave Some Room to Grow
However, a bit of extra space can be a good thing, especially if you plan to grow within the length of your lease. Even a few extra cubicle spaces or some room to add a few desks can be helpful.

Decide How You Want the Office Laid Out
Do you want an open concept or more closed-off work spaces? Different bosses and teams have different preferences. So think about what style would suit your team best and choose an office that lends itself to your preferred layout. FSG Africa are experts in analysing your requirements and proposing cost saving and efficient ways of meeting these.

Know Exactly in What Condition You’ll Receive the Space
Some offices don’t always come as advertised. And some might require a bit of work before you actually move your things in. If you want to know exactly what the space will look like if you actually decide to rent it, you have to ask those questions. Make sure you understand how the space will be delivered. Do you require improvements like paint and carpet, or do you need walls and doors moved or added? If you are unsure let FSG Africa do an assessment on your behalf.

Think About How the Office Will Appear to Others
Like it or not, your office sends a message to others about your business. If you choose a building that’s falling apart, that could tell clients that you’re struggling. But if you overextend your budget with a lavish space for your first office, they could think that they’re paying you too much. Allow FSG Africa to advise you on a safe middle-ground.

Have a Place to Meet
Aside from just desks or cubicles, you’ll need to think about some other spaces that could be useful to your team. Do you need a dedicated conference room or a few smaller meeting rooms? Do you need a kitchen or any other specific types of spaces?

Consider the Lease Length
The length of your lease can be another important factor in your decision when renting your first office space. For your first office, you might not want to get tied into a long-term commitment. You don’t want to be stuck with an office space if your business outgrows the space.

Fitting out and setting up a new office space has many considerations, let FSG Africa negate the possible pitfalls with you.